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Welcome to our website. We are Double A Automotives Limited, based in Loughborough we are a new addition to Loughborough's motor trade. We opened for business on the1st of June 2015, and since then we have been able to assist so many of our existing customers and we have met a some lovely new customers too! You may be asking existing customers to a new garage? Well we are the two Andy's from the now closed co-op garage in Loughborough, we have started our own business and firmly planted ourselves in the heart of the busy market town of Loughborough. We are in fact just a 9 minute walk from Loughborough town centre and in the other direction just a 9 minute walk to the platform of Loughborough Train Station, that may be handy if your planning to leave your car in our car park and go to work on the train for the day!

We really look forward to meeting you when you come to see us on Hanford Way in Loughborough. We are a very customer orientated garage with a light, airy, clean reception and waiting area with windows overlooking our workshop. We pride ourselves on being honest to our customers and keeping our prices competitive, we will always tell you everything you need to know about your car while its been with us, and if you don't understand something, we are happy to sit down and explain everything to you, just remember - there is no such thing as a stupid question! Come and see us, give our services a try, we will see you again and again I'm sure!

About Us

Who are we? A pretty important question when your talking about letting someone repair your car, something so complicated and potentially dangerous if it's not maintained correctly. Double A Automotives is owned by Andy and Andy, the two Andy's from the former co-op garage. We have years of experience between us, in fact its actually over 50! That's a lot of time spent working on cars, vans and trucks!

Double A Automotives was established in June 2015 as both of us were made redundant after working for the same trusted and respected garage for over 20 years each. We decided to use our wealth of experience to open up a new garage with customer service at the heart of it's operations. Our new garage is based in Loughborough, on Hanford Way, so we can continue to serve our existing customers, those who already know us and trust to work on their cars. We are of course looking forward to meeting new customers and forming new business relationships. As Double A Automotives is owned by the same people that do all the work on the cars, we can guarantee that we will always give our customers 100% of our experience to do the best job we can for each individual customer...no targets...no bonuses for getting you through quickly...just good old fashioned quality customer service, advice and quality workmanship.

Although we have started our new business when we are in our 40's and 50's this means simply that we really know what we are doing. We have both been working in the motor trade as mechanics since our days as apprentices, we have seen so many changes in technologies on motor vehicles in that time, we are always keen to see what's coming next but its also fantastic to get our hands stuck in to something from our own era. We both have a real passion for the job, a real passion which you can see coming through when you come and see us. We are always welcoming new customers and we will always be happy to see our existing ones!